How is the device controlled
To switch on and off press and hold the button. Use the same button to change mode
Sweet dreams
A slow tempo for going to sleep. Now you don't need to count sheep any more. Just breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.
A slowing tempo for 10 minutes, so you can catch your second wind and manage all you have ahead of you.
Set a relaxing tempo for 30 minutes for calm and recuperation.
Adjust your speed
Set your breathing tempo with the aid of a mobile application, so you don't lose your breath, or alternatively have to wait.
About breathing
What happens to us when we breathe badly?
Breathing provides our body and organs with oxygen for survival. We can't “store” it in the body, and so we breathe approximately six times a minute. This, however, is the optimal condition. In reality, in today's hectic world, many people breathe irregularly, too fast and too superficially.
Poor breathing causes bad circulation of blood to the organs. Our skin is taut, we are fatigued and stressed. This can cause us to lose breath.
TIP! Deep, slow breathing down to the stomach will calm us down.
What is a simple technique for calming down?
When we feel anxious, we breathe rapidly and hyperventilation occurs. Controlling your breathing is also good for better sleep, increased psychological well being, reducing excess weight and for relief in the case of a panic attack.
TIP! One of the most effective techniques against stress is “square breathing”, in which inhalation, exhalation and the pauses between them are of equal length.
How can touch help us notice breathing?
Touch is of fundamental importance for our emotional health. It serves to help us recognise objects, for protection and for communication. To use the BF, all you need is your hands. You don't have to look at any display screen. Thanks to this we can also help people with visual impairments.
About Breathing Friend
How is BF different?
It focuses on tactile perception. It creates an intuitive movement that trains our breathing. Hold it in your hand and concentrate on the movement it makes. Your breathing will adapt to it. At this moment you concentrate on just one physical thing, and simply experience the present moment (“mindfulness”). Close your eyes and intensify the experience.
How do you know that BF works?
We have conducted a study on our current prototype, which demonstrates that the user modulates breathing and the device adapts to the user.
Macík, M.; Pražáková, K.; Kutíková, A.; Míkovec, Z.; Adolf, J.; Havlík, J.; Jileková, I.
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Can children also use BF?
Yes, BF is suitable for children from the age of 3 years. However, for children it is important to set the breathing frequency according to the age of the child, since children breathe faster than adults.
How does BF communicate with my mobile?
Bluetooth is inbuilt into BF. The device can communicate with a mobile telephone remotely up to a distance of 7 metres. Upon the first running of the application, your mobile phone will find BF by itself and ask you if you want to link up to it. The next time you'll link to it automatically.
Is it possible to use my BF without an application?
Yes, it's possible to use BF without an application. 3 modes are inbuilt into the device as standard.
What material is it made of?
The body of BF is composed of silicon, which is harmless to health, and a fabric casing.
How do I charge my BF? Can I use it while I'm charging it?
Yes, you can. It's charged with the aid of a standard microUSB cable, which is supplied in the package.